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We started Vista Masonry because we knew there was a demand for better services, better workmanship, better piece of mind for the Victoria market. Truly something different, providing the highest calibre of chimney repair, masonry, landscaping, and waterproofing services catered to your schedule, convenience and with complete care.

Whether it’s rebuilding a chimney up to modern building code or taking simple waterproofing measures, Vista Masonry can diagnose any concerns and work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

From pouring new crowns to installing rain pots; updating brick and stone fireplaces; and installing stone faces and vainer, we’ve done it all and we know how quality stonework can add curb appeal while providing functionality.

And that’s our most important service – the guidance we offer. We take pride in working with homeowners and that means we take the time to explain your options and give our expert advice. We want the best for you and your project, no matter who does the job.

  • Certified chimney inspectors
  • Highly skilled stone masons
  • Experienced concrete finishers
  • Landscape & horticulture
  • Excavation & drainage services



Vista Masonry offers the highest calibre of chimney repair, masonry, landscaping, and waterproofing. Quality craftsmanship from experienced tradesmen kept to your budget and completed within your schedule.


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