Raw strength meets practical elegance



Stonework provides style, elegance, strength and longevity.  These are the ideals crafted into each and every piece of stonework Vista Masonry constructs. We want our customer’s stonework to be the highlight of their property, able to both captivate and convey the uniqueness of its owner.

Whether you are interested in adding stone to your pre-existing structure or creating a whole new feature, Vista Masonry has you covered.  Applications that include, but are not limited to, stone cladding, flagstone and slate installations, indoor and outdoor tile, building walls, pillars and so much more.  With enough imagination the possibilities are endless.  See our gallery for examples of the work we have done for customers in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Each piece of stonework that our expert masons produce is tailor made for you following an in-depth personal consultation. Upon completion of the initial design phase, your Vista mason will visit the local quarry and handpick the desired stones to be used in your project.

Vista Masonry believes that by taking the time required and investing the greatest attention to the smallest detail we can customize for you a stonework project that will surpass your wildest expectations.

Call now to schedule a free consultation with one of Vista Masonry’s premier Stone Masons.

  • Highly skilled and experienced stone masons
  • All projects are built to last
  • Tailor-made for each client
  • Free on-site consultation

Beautiful Slate Patio Stonework
A slate patio set in sand which is graded for moisture runoff and bordered by a tight fit, blasted stone retaining wall.
Blasted stone retaining wall
A blasted stone retaining wall finished with a tight finished joint style. All our walls are built on reinforced footing and have hidden weeping holes throughout.
Custom built water fountain
Custom built water fountain made from masonry block, lined with a rubber membrane, and finished with a natural stone veneer and Pennsylvanian Bluestone cap.
Flagstone steps
Flagstone steps finished in a random jointed pattern with custom flamed risers.


Vista Masonry offers the highest calibre of chimney repair, masonry, landscaping, and waterproofing. Quality craftsmanship from experienced tradesmen kept to your budget and completed within your schedule.


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